Barbera Music | Independent publishing company based in the beautiful Fulham Palace
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Welcome To Barbera Music

About Us

Barbera Music Ltd is an independent publishing company based in South West London. The company was set up by Hugh Gadsdon who has enjoyed 40 years in the industry working with hugely successful writers including Paul Weller, George Michael, Nick Heywood, Tony Macaulay, Ian Dench, Clive Langer & many more.


The team is completed by Gareth White and Tony Murphy. Barbera has been growing an impressive catalogue with emphasis on quality rather than quantity. The diverse roster includes copyrights by twice Mercury Nominee Anna Calvi, studio supremo Clive Langer, pop duo Man Like Me, NME favourites Happyness and the emerging singer / songwriter Tenterhook.


Barbera prides itself on its relationship with its writers, adapting with the music business to develop a tailored service to each member of the roster. With strong experience in A&R and sync, Barbera is a proven home for the development of talent.